Know What You Want to Receive and Achieve – A Personal Inventory

In facing your daily battles in life, in fighting and aspiring to have a happy and fulfilled life ask yourself – what is it that will really make you happy? You need to know what do you want to receive and achieve that will let you have a fulfilled life. In order to do that, in order to determine you happiness, the first thing that you need to do is it to have and make a Personal Life and Activity Inventory:

List the things you are doing right now these are the things that consume your time, energy and resources. You are doing it because you are probably good at it or you really are interested in it. You are giving your effort to perform well on these activities of your life. It is your known strength, your capabilities, your skills and capacities.

List the things you don’t like doing or you are not doing right now this are things that are of less interest to you, less priority, things you don’t find interesting enough to put time, energy and resources. These are things you just brush off when it approaches you or come your way at some point in your life. This is also known as your weakness, things you can’t do, things you don’t give enough attention to learn.

The things you like and you don’t like doing is a showcase of your interest and happiness in life. It determines your passion, your longing and aspirations. You like doing certain things because it makes you happy, it shows who you are. But are all of these important to what you really want to do and achieve in life?

Among the list of things you are currently doing, what are the things you want to continue doing? You want to continue because you are more interested of it over the others, because it gives you more life, more vibrant and produces more energy and motivation in you? It expresses more of who you are and your passion. These things are known as your windows of opportunity. 

Your list of Opportunities is your gateway to your happiness it is what you really want to do and really who you are. Do it more and it will lead you to what you want to achieve and receive in life – happiness and fulfillment! Focus all your energy and effort to it for it will truly make you happy.

Among the things you are currently doing, what are the things you don’t want to continue or you just want to stop? You don’t want to do it anymore because it is less important, less interesting, or someone else just ask you to do it or pushes you to do but you don’t really like in the first place. This are things known as you threats, it robs you of your time, energy and resources. It defocuses you on your primary goals in life. It distracts you to what you want to receive and achieve in life. It spreads you thinly and living you lesser time to what you are interested the most. Take this out of your activities, your schedule of priorities. These are things you don’t really need at the moment for it will only distract you.

Focus on your Strength, cultivate it more. Know your Weakness ask yourself, will this threaten me in the future? Is there anything on my weakness that I need to give proper attention? Things I need to improve in order to help me achieve what I want to receive? Concentrate on your Opportunities for this will give you greater impact in your life, this is what truly makes you happy and fulfilled. Lessen your destruction the activities that Threatens you to lose focus, things that grabs you of our energy and motivation, things that won’t help you receive what you want to achieve.

Your personal inventory helps you determine who you are and where you want to go, what you are and what you want to do. Your personal inventory is your guide to your happiness, your roadmap to a fulfilled life. 


About cbkamping

Catherine Kamping, a speaker, facilitator, leader, a business and development consultant. My skills and passion paved the way of my engagement and experience at the United Nations and International Development. A fortress of Youth and Children Engagement to the UN System as one of the former Coordinator, she facilitated interventions and engagements of youth from all over the world to the process of International Development which paved the way of her being a council and advisory member to most various youth development programming: USAID-Youth Thrust Program, Youth Employment Summit, UN CONGO and others. It further lead me to the forefront of being a facilitator, trainer and speaker in Seoul, South Korea, Alexandria Egypt, Washington DC USA, Hyderabad India, Lidingo Sweden, Bangkok Thailand, and others. In front of World Leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royal Families, Government officials and Civil Society I delivered the Final Youth Statement in Johannesburg South Africa standing up for the stake of youth development. I chaired, facilitated and contributed to international reports, publications and books: Youth and UN MDG, Pocket Book on Youth Participation, TUNZA the UNEP Youth Magazine and others. I studied Master in Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurial Development at the Asian Institute of Management which further develop my skills, capacities, understanding and appreciation of development, business, organization and more.
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